Six Tips For Planning A Trip To Recapture Your Youth

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Whether you intend to travel abroad, or you simply want to travel in your own country, there are many things you can plan and do on an adult vacation that will help you have fun and recapture your youth. Many people just don’t understand that the only way to feel young is to take some time to act young.


Start off your vacation itinerary by thinking of things that were fun to you when you were younger. Use them to base your plan on.

Experience A New Country

Maybe when you were younger you enjoyed exploring other countries through books. What were some of your favorites? Pick one, or more of them, and plan an actual vacation to that area.

Maybe you wanted to visit Europe. Maybe you wanted to see the palace guards in London, or you wanted to ride one of those big red buses. These are all easy enough vacation plans to make.

Enjoy Roadside Attractions

If you’re staying in the United States for your vacation, you are sure to find plenty of fun and frivolous roadside attractions to remind you of childhood, from mystery hills where gravity seems to be found something different, to giant zoos of cement dinosaurs.

If you just plan a road trip and keep an eye out for things that stand out, like giant creatures, you’re sure to have a fun time. Make sure to take a camera with you too, so people will believe the crazy things you’ve seen.

Do Crazy Things, Like A Bucket List

Another great way to turn any vacation into a fun and memorable trip, that will allow you to recapture your youth, is to plan a bucket list vacation. Write down all of the places and things you want to experience before you die, graduate college, get married, whatever.

Maybe you want to visit numerous other countries before you are tied down. Maybe you would love to do some risky things once in your life, like sky diving. Imagine how free you feel after completing such a list/vacation?

Eat Like A Kid Again

If you really want to recapture your childhood, take some time to eat like a kid again. Stop at a candy store and indulge, or stay at a hotel that specializes in candy, yes, they do exist. Have a little bit of each of your favorites, from chocolate to sugary snacks.

Maybe you just want to not think about a specific diet plan while you are on vacation. There’s nothing wrong with that. Enjoy a burger and fries, washed down with a strawberry shake. It’s your vacation, eat how you want to.

Waste Some Money

While children can’t gamble, the act of spending that money frivolously could be similar to spending money as a child, when you have no bills or worries and it’s someone else’s money you’re spending.

Of course, maybe instead of setting up at a blackjack table you’ll want to visit the arcade and spend some money earning tickets there to trade in for some silly prize that would have meant the world to you as a child.

Go To A Water Park

Last, but not least, recapture your youth by planning your vacation at a water park. Go alone, or take your family. You can stay at a hotel that has a water park, or simple stay near a water park and spend at least one day there, soaking up the sun and having some fun.

You’d be amazed at how quickly you’ll feel young at heart again as you go down a huge waterslide in a tube.

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