Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle While Traveling

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While there are several aspects of travel that incorporate healthy activity, vacations are typically seen as the time for indulgence.  More often than not, traveling results in overeating, drinking far more than is recommended, followed by a whole bunch of inactivity.  

What people do not consider is that they are sabotaging their own respite by over indulging.  The key to healthy travel habits is balance.  Try incorporating a few of these crafty suggestions for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traveling.  

Avoid overindulgence with food and alcohol

Overindulgence is the worst enemy of a traveler that is trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle on the road.  The bottom line is that you simply have to tell yourself no.  Fast food and convenience store menus are not the way to keep your body feeling good.  

Overindulgence in alcohol is also a very common result of vacation traveling.  People work hard all year to trash their bodies for a week, and then go home to life as usual.  

It does not have to work out that way.  Control your alcohol intake, and have fun.  Two or three drinks at the end of the night is a great way to cap off the day.  

Take advantage of the continental breakfast

One of the most simple remedies to a healthy travel diet is to remember to eat breakfast.  Most people are just so excited about seeing the sights, that they simply forget to eat breakfast.  

Take advantage of the hotel’s continental breakfast.  There is almost always a pack of oatmeal and some fruit available.  Eat a healthy breakfast, and you will start the day off with a smile.  

For those hotels that do not provide breakfast, try visiting a local market.  Fresh fruits and veggies from local vendors is a great way to get a feel for the local community.  

Take your yoga mat with you

If you regularly exercise, then your vacation plans should incorporate time to get your sweat pouring.  Try something as simple as carrying your yoga mat with you.  A half an hour in the morning or at the end of the day to decompress and get the exercise your body needs it not too much to ask.  

Walk everywhere you can possibly walk

While you are checking out the sights, it helps to walk everywhere you possibly can walk.  Not only does it enhance the experience of a new destination, walking around keeps the body active and healthy.  

Pack healthy snacks

What you eat on your vacation matters just as much as what you eat at home.  Just because you feel disconnected from your normal routine does not mean that your body is any different.  

Try packing healthy snacks for the road.  When you pack your own snacks, it is cheaper and much healthier.  

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