Tips that guarantee you a great winter holiday

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We know it’s still summer, but if you are planning to take a winter holiday, you should make your plan in advance. Careful planning before going to your chosen holiday will really save you trouble and let you really enjoy some exciting moments during your stay.

So we are offering you here a few useful tips that guarantee your winter holiday will not fail:

Ski lessons are a must

If you are going to a winter holiday, you should definitely try skiing given the weather allows it. Especially, if you are travelling with kids, consider the option of getting a qualified ski teacher. Being better prepared with your skiing skills will increase your enjoyment while skiing.

Choose the right hotel

Check whether the hotel offers convenient transport to the ski lifts or ski wardrobe or is closely situated to ski paths or rinks. This will save you time walking to the ski run and coming back to your hotel. Also make sure the place has ski runs for beginners also called green or nursery runs, if you are going there with small kids.

Pick the perfect weather

It’s just perfect for skiing when the conditions are mild –  there is a sunshine on the mountains and it’s not too cold. This makes the snow more soft and makes the ski lift journeys great. If it’s not possible to go on a holiday at the right weather, make sure you bring with yourself clothes for all seasons, as the mountain climate tend to change. And lastly, don’t make a compromise with your equipment. Choose from the top ski brands and be sure that the ski equipment is of good quality and fits you perfectly because our safety must be a priority while skiing.

Get fit

Wherever an adequate equipment is a must, our physical preparation before the skiing should not be underestimated too. Remember that a winter ski holiday usually requires a lot of walking. If you are not generally fit and lack exercise, your legs will be dead at the end of a skiing day. Start walking more before going to your holiday and do exercises that strengthen the legs. You can also try cycling, climbing or swimming.  This will help you avoid mountain injuries as much a possible. Also, make quick warm-ups before each skiing session and drink enough warm liquids.

There is a winter spot which offers you everything you need for a pleasant winter holiday – Aparthotel Lucky Bansko. This hotel is situated in the picturesque  mountain resort Bansko which has unique nature. It has attractive family ski vacation offers with free services that go in the price.

It is situated not too far from ski runs and provides all its guests with a free transport to ski lifts every 30 minutes in the winter season and daily transfers directly to the ski slopes of Shiligarnika area. It also has evening transportation to the downtown of Bansko and back on schedule and mountain excursions for all guests. You can purchase your ski passes directly at the hotel’s reception desk. The hotel also offers  ski wardrobe for heating own or rented ski boots and other equipment. It is very suitable for families with kids since it offers during the winter season care for small kids by professional child minders and a special kids corner.

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