7 Things you should be careful about on your Italian holiday

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As is the case with basically every country, Italy has its own customs and rules, and if you wish to go on a holiday there, you should be well informed beforehand about what to expect when you arrive.

Being one of the most famous spots in the world for romantic vacations, Italy really has something to offer you. When visiting Italy, you should pay attention to some things, if you really want to insure yourself a fantastic holiday you want to remember afterwards.

1.Bread and pasta don’t go together

In Italy bread and pasta are eaten separately, even in one and the same dish. Also, bread is never served with butter, but it is combined with cheese or meat and eaten as a starter.

2.The popular concept of Italian food is a myth

It will be a sin to go to Italy without tasting some of its popular dishes. But note that Italian cuisine is not all about pizza and pasta. There are so many original Italian dishes that don’t include pasta. During your Italian trip, you should stick to local food. Every region in Italy offers its own authentic dishes and you should try the original versions of the dish depending on where you are.

When speaking about Italian food, there is no need to go to Italy to taste the country’s traditional dishes.  Leonardo Bansko restaurant for example offers you an amazing opportunity to taste true Italian cuisine. You can indulge yourself there with a variety of original and modern Italian and Mediterranean dishes prepared according to original recipes.

3.Remember that time is a relative thing in Italy

When being in Italy you should really leave yourself plenty of time between the different attractions since people there tend not to follow strict time schedules. Italian businesses and public transport in Italy don’t stick pretty much to their working hours. For example, you can easily expect your tour to Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral to start at 5:30 p.m. instead of 5 p.m. For Italians la famiglia is everything. They really respect family connections, love good food  and know how to enjoy life. When spending holiday in Italy you should learn to enjoy the present moment and take it slow.

4.Forget about grated cheese

You will be met with a surprised glance, if you order grated cheese on your seafood meal in Italy. When it comes to fish dishes, Italians don’t put parmesan on them. Also, if you want to eat like an Italian, don’t overdo it with sauce, as Italians usually want to feel the true taste of their pasta (less is more here).

5.Get used to the crowds

Before going to Italy, you should prepare yourself mentally that there is going to be a lot of standing in ticket lines at popular historic spots to enter. A good idea to save yourself a lot of waiting is to buy your tickets in advance. Most famous sights nowadays sell tickets online

6.Save money aside for a gondola experience

We should be crazy if we don’t mention Venice and its Grand Canal. Being one of the most romantic world destinations, Venice will totally charm you with its narrow streets. Taking a gondola ride in Venice is surely one of the things an enthusiastic traveler should never miss. But you should know that the experience isn’t one of the cheapest. Set aside before your trip to Italy an ample sum of money. In general, average gondola ride lasts 40 min. and it costs 80€-100€. Remember that before stepping on a gondola you should make sure you agree upon the price and the duration of the ride. Gondoliers usually travel fast, so don’t be surprised from that and enjoy your mini-cruise.

7.Don’t ever drink cappuccino after 11 o’clock 

While espresso in Italy can be drank all day after the meal to aid digestion, be careful when ordering cappuccino. Italians prefer to drink their cappuccino at breakfast, since they consider that milk drank on a full stomach don’t aid digestion and is too heavy. And as the preparation of cappuccino is a whole art in Italy, you know all the milk foam, chocolate, sweets,candies, etc., Italian-style cappuccino is a separate meal.

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