Top Reasons to Use a Visa Prepaid Card for Your Foreign Holiday

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Cash is out and plastic is in. This statement holds true even when you are traveling to a foreign place. It is strongly suggested that travelers use a prepaid card for all of their payment needs while they are abroad, as this can prove to be a cheaper and safer alternative to using cash or traditional debit and credit cards.

To fund your spending decisions in your foreign holiday, you should use a Visa prepaid card and here are some of the top reasons why:

Wide Acceptance

Prepaid card can be used anywhere traditional debit and credit cards are accepted, making them a suitable alternative. With the card, cardholders are not only able to make online and in-store purchases, but can also withdraw cash from various ATM machines worldwide.

Safe to Carry

Using a prepaid Visa card mitigate the risk of losing cash. In the event of a theft or loss of a wallet, from a security point of view, nothing is jeopardized. Visa prepaid cards are also protected with state-of-the-art PIN and chip security systems, just like those of traditional debit and credit cards. If a situation arises where you lose your card of have it stolen, you can reach out to the prepaid card service provider to see that your prepaid card account is frozen and hot-listed. Doing so will effectively minimize the potential damage to you, your finances and your credit score. Keeping your identification information such as passport and national ID separate from your Visa prepaid card is highly advised.

Mitigate Overspending

Being on a vacation often leads to overspending. This is especially true when you are using credit cards or cash as your primary payment methods. Carrying a large stack of foreign currency when you are vacationing is not only unsafe, but using cash is also difficult to track your spending.

You will never overspend if you use a Visa prepaid card. You will be unable to spend more than the amount loaded on the card, meaning that when the balance of the card has been depleted, any and all further transactions will be denied and declined. In order to make further purchase, one would have to reload the Visa prepaid card before further use. If you would like to keep within a certain budget, while on a trip, this feature can be highly helpful to you.

No Credit Risk

A future lender’s decision on approval or denial of a loan or mortgage application hinges on your credit score. Thus, this score should be well protected at all times. While in a foreign country, the need or desire might exist to make a big purchase. With the use of a Visa prepaid card, this risk will be mitigated as the prepaid cards, themselves, are not linked to your personal line of credit nor traditional bank accounts. This makes sure that the purchase has no impact on your credit score, as the purchase will never be reported to credit bureaus.

Always remember to do your research and learn more about the product prior to getting a prepaid card as your foreign holiday payment option. Learn more about prepaid cards at

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