Essential Traveller’s Due Diligence

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Working in the travel industry stirs up a serious internal battle for someone who is themselves a traveller at heart, particularly if you’re involved with the process of providing the service which helps other travellers plan their trips. There are so many instances in which I could personally have scored super-cheap trips or even trips which are completely free, but sadly couldn’t actually take advantage of those openings due to those opportunities not falling in line with the little free time forming part of my busy work schedule.

I mean there was one client whose non-refundable private flight was all booked and confirmed and they had to cancel at the last minute because of some urgent business, which essentially meant that there was an opportunity for anyone who wanted a free private flight to board and essentially experience flying in a private jet for free! The travel agency I work for couldn’t find anybody at such short notice to fill the space and so the private jet took to the skies less one person who had reserved their timeshare seat.

That’s the “fun” part of travelling and planning your trip however. What I’m getting at with this particular post is the not-so-fun part of planning a trip, which should perhaps more rightfully be referred to traveller’s due diligence.

It’s no fun at all, make no mistake about it, but it is absolutely essential because as much as most trips do work out well and you come away with them filled with memories nobody can take away from you, sometimes things can go wrong and you just have to be prepared. The one area in which mishaps tend to hit the hardest is that of one’s finances. Imagine losing all your valuables while you’re abroad or falling ill perhaps with no insurance.

The fallout of such eventualities can and should be off-set with some proper prior planning, but that’s where the challenge comes in because for the most part travellers tend to do their due diligence in haste, which puts them in a position where the service providers can take advantage of their desperation due to the urgency of their situation.

Think about something as simple as getting your check-in luggage wrapped if you want to keep your belongings safe from airline staff members who might be known to help themselves to passengers’ valuables. Get that done at the airport and you’ll pay a lot more than what you’d pay elsewhere, for example.

However, if you apply that thinking to more serious matters like that of having to make use of the services of personal injury lawyers, if you take the time to do your research long before any such situation arises, you can benefit from making use of the services of a personal injury legal firm which operates on a free consultation basis to realistically gauge the likely outcome of your case, instead of having to settle for an expensive lawyer who charges by the hour for consultation, regardless of the outcome or possible outcome of the case.

So take your time to plan carefully long before you start packing and you won’t fall victim to what are otherwise unnecessary travel expenses and consequences of something going wrong.

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