Traveling To New York? Some Tips For a Better Trip

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A trip to New York is one of those things that everyone has to do at some point in their lives. It could be to visit a friend. It might be for a vacation, or to see a show of some sort. Maybe you’re looking to move there for professional reasons. The possibilities are endless, but the destination is the same, the big ol’ Big Apple.

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But, if you’re going to make the most of the trip, there are always some tips, tricks and suggestions to follow to have the best time possible without getting overwhelmed. Safety is also going to be a consideration, as there are certain neighborhoods to avoid during certain times and all that as well.

But, for some just general guidelines about your NY trip, if you research some properties first, look into what the best hotels are, find a sporting event to attend, make sure you plan ahead so you aren’t rushing, and keep the mantra ‘taste, don’t gorge’ in mind, you’ll make it through the journey with a majority of positive experiences from your effort.

Research Some Properties

We all know how much real estate and rent can cost in the greater New York City area. That’s why it’s smart to research some New York real estate before heading out there. Check out a few different owners, a few different properties, a few different neighborhoods, a few different communities. There are so many different sets of culture that are all smashed into the same small area, that knowing at least some of the places you want to target just for people-watching will help your organize your trip. You could probably spend a year for every block in the city, so have a focus before going will prevent you from going into sensory overload.

Look Into the Best Hotels

And even if you don’t get to stay in them, knowing the best hotels in New York will give you a reason to seek them out and at least go up and down the elevator a few times. The Manhattan skyline is a thing of beauty, so if you figure out how to hit up the hotels in the area just so that you can look out the windows, it will be a trip to remember. Some of these hotels are also places to see and be seen, which means that you may run into some of those faces that you see on magazines and TV as well.

Find a Sporting Event To Attend

Between the Mets, the Yankees, the Jets, the Knicks, and all the others, there are a million ways to join the circus and hit up a sporting event. Absolutely at the top of the priority list is going to be a trip to Yankee Stadium, where there’s so much culture and opportunity to absorb the New York vibe, that you’ll never forget it. You might not even be able to concentrate on the game, there’s so much going on around you, but buying some stadium hot dogs and getting a few souvenirs will cement the day trip in your mind forever. Taking your whole family there for a day game is a great way to have a bonding experience with sports fans as well. Transportation into and out of the stadium is a trip as well with all of the public transportation possibilities.

Don’t Rush

Though New York may rush around you, don’t rush around it. Take your time during your trip there and absorb the surroundings instead of getting caught up in the hustle. Especially if you’re on a vacation, use your moments to enjoy the depth of your small trips to places instead of just trying to do as much as possible.

Taste, Don’t Gorge

The food, oh my, the food. You can spend a lifetime in New York and never try everything, which is why when you visit there, it’s smarter to just try small amounts of everything rather than try to smash the biggest pizza, the biggest sub, the biggest steak you can get down into your stomach. Go for small portions, and look to hit a variety of places to get the most enjoyment out of the food situation.

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