What types of city accommodation are on offer when you book your next urban retreat?

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Holidays can be an expensive affair at the best of times, particularly if you are booking a lot of time off over the busy summer holiday periods. This is why many families and those looking to get away easily are looking at short term city breaks for a recharge. But what types of city accommodation are available to you when you decide to embark on your city adventure?                          
Luxury serviced accommodation

Luxury serviced accommodation is great as not only do you get a lot of amenities on offer; it also means you get you and those with you get plenty of your own space. The increase in demand for this type of accommodation is eating into the hotel market. There is plenty of luxury serviced accommodation on offer in UK cities like London, Bristol and Manchester.


Hotels are the traditional types of accommodation that are often sought out by holidaymakers. They give you all of the standard services you would expect from them based on their star rating. The good thing is there are still plenty of them around however they are quite limited in terms of their room sizing, which could lead to your travel party being split across multiple floors and rooms.


Whilst many are put off by the idea of staying in a hostel due to some of the stigma attached to them they can be great if you are looking to keep costs down while you are travelling. Unlike in luxury serviced accommodation, you will normally be in a dormitory styled room with other guests. They are great if you are travelling in a small group and are looking to socialise with other visitors to the city.

Find the right accommodation for you and your travel party

The type of city accommodation you go for will depend on the type of trip you are taking. Luxury serviced accommodation will be best if you are going to be spending a lot of time in the apartment with you and whoever you are travelling with. Whichever type you go for make sure you go with a company that can deliver the best accommodation for you.

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