When Visiting London is an All-Day Affair – Get the Quintessential London Experience

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I’ll tell you what – having lived in London for a good few years now, I still haven’t explored nearly half of all which this great city has to offer. I mean even if you eat out every day and you’re out and about for your entertainment, you sort of fall into somewhat of a routine which sees you frequenting a selection of just a few of what become your “favourite” places.

After resolving to eat at a new joint once a week at the very least I came to the realisation that an “outsider” visiting London could very well get overwhelmed by all which this part of the world has to offer and come away from their trip not quite having had the quintessential London experience. Naturally different people like to occupy themselves with different activities they’d call fun, but there are indeed some universal things to do which would go down as fun in just about anyone’s book.

If you are indeed visiting London, the best way to do it is give yourself time to explore. Give yourself the whole day and make it an all-day affair. If you can stay overnight, all the better, but a few short hours are definitely not enough. You also need to have some kind of planned itinerary and although it doesn’t have to resemble anything close to a schedule which is cast in iron, it helps to have a sense of direction about what you intend to get up to and experience. Otherwise it can get very easy to be swept away by all which the city has to offer and get pulled from one direction to the other.

If I could give you a push in the right direction in terms of the itinerary for my version of the quintessential London experience, I’d firstly recommend you arrive bright and early – just before sunrise in fact so that you can watch the sun rising over the Thames, at any point along the river really.

Once the sun has risen you should fuel up on a good breakfast and I’d recommend grabbing your morning grub at a hotel restaurant since most joints in the malls open at around 10 A.M., on weekends that is.

Sightseeing should be next on your itinerary and I’m sure you can think of many sites to see and places of significance to visit, some of which you can even discover as you go along. Head over to Westfield London for lunch and some serious shopping, whichever one of the two you wish to do first and when you’re all shopped-out and you’re about to drop, all which the K West Hotel & Spa Shepherd’s Bush has to offer will do well to relax and rejuvenate you until you’re ready to do some more shopping. This locale is an entire experience on its own though, which is why I recommend staying overnight so that you can get the full treatment and truly experience the closest thing to living like London Royalty.

Naturally you can interchange some of the specific activities with something more up your alley, but this is indeed what I would call the quintessential London experience as can be enjoyed in one full day.

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