Where to stay in London

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Try as you might you’re unlikely to find a UK city as vibrant, diverse and downright exciting as London; in fact, you could search the world and still find few cities with the character and attractions that London possesses.


The UK’s capital is filled with adventure and fun, incredible architecture, rich history and culture that envelops anyone who sets foot on the city’s streets, numerous opportunities for fine wining and dining, plenty of diverse suburbs to explore, and so much more. Whether you’re in search of a trendy bar in which to unwind, a historic landmark to immerse yourself in, a peaceful park in which to reflect or streets lined with shops, London has it all.

This effervescent city is the ideal destination for a short break; a city so dedicated to adventure, immersion and entertainment that it’s impossible to do everything you’d really like to in just one day.

It’s a good job, then, that London possesses numerous types of accommodation, from luxury hotels to boutique bed and breakfasts to hostels. Whatever your budget, London has a cosy corner for you. 

The very best places to stay in London

There are numerous things you’re going to want to consider before choosing your accommodation; namely the size, and ages, of your party, your budget, and the area you’d most like stay in. London is a sprawling city, with numerous areas you may want to enjoy, so it’s a case of identifying the kind of accommodation that will best suit your needs. 


Ideal for those in search of luxury, families looking for somewhere comfortable to nestle in the evening, and couples hoping to have a truly British experience, the London hotel is, perhaps, the most commonly sought-after kind of accommodation.

From trendy establishments in the centre of Soho to boutique accommodation within easy reach of the West End to affordable inns on the city’s outskirts, there’s accommodation to suit every budget.

Want a cosy room overlooking bustling streets? Sumptuous accommodation you won’t find anywhere else? Somewhere with its own restaurant and spa? Then choose one of London’s many hotels, whether luxury, budget, or otherwise, for a convenient stopover at the heart of it all.

The traditional B&B

The luxury hotel’s more reserved cousin, the traditional English bed and breakfast is by no means any less impressive. The Big Smoke is chock full of trendy, boutique B&Bs, as well as the more traditional, and, while you may not find the kinds of facilities that hotels boast, you’re sure of a warm welcome, comfortable accommodation and a delicious breakfast.

B&B accommodation is ideal for groups of every kind, especially those comprised of friends, family and couples, ensuring each guest is able to unwind following a day’s exploring. B&Bs are, typically, a little more convenient for guests that are looking to come and go, and provide an ideal solution for those without the budget for a luxury hotel; travel a little further from the centre of the city and the opportunity for a bargain greatly increases.


The aparthotel is a relatively new concept, effortlessly blending the traditional hotel with self-catering accommodation, making them ideal for those who like to please themselves. Aparthotels are typically convenient, well-endowed with facilities and situated near a variety of attractions, yet offer the freedom and flexibility of renting your own place.

Aparthotels are ideal for both long and short stays, and for younger couples that want to see a lot of the city, but have no itinerary to speak of.

There are now aparthotels across the city, with developers such as Graham Harris London & City Group Holdings looking to capitalise on London’s popularity by turning buildings that once housed factories, workshops and retail outlets into trendy accommodation.


The hostel is a British mainstay ideal for lone travellers and larger groups looking to make the most of London on a budget. Hostels are usually well-situated for adventure, offering a perfect base from which to explore the city.

They also tend to be far cheaper than other types of accommodation, and have larger rooms that large groups can share. Far from the stereotypical dark and dingy hostels of yesteryear, these are establishments are bright, clean and friendly, with round-the-clock security and a range of facilities. Stay for a weekend, or hang around for longer; hostels are flexible like that.

There are many other types of accommodation available in London, from camping and caravan sites outside the city limits to self-catering apartments to rooms in privately-owned homes. So whether you’re travelling alone, as a couple, as a family or with a group of friends, you can find the perfect accommodation for your needs in London.

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