Why Cities Are Ideal for Digital Nomads

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When looking to explore remote working options and the possibility of becoming a digital nomad, many of the most popular guides like those found at digitalnomads.world often point in one clear direction – live in a populous city and enjoy all that’s on offer. Is it such a bad idea to venture off the beaten path a little, however? Here’s why living in a city is ideal for digital nomads, and why more secluded areas should be kept for exploring and trips instead. 

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First off is the familiarity, and whilst it may sound strange it is something that many digital nomads have come to rely on a little more – whilst there will certainly be cultural differences for different cities around the world, the experience largely remains uniform no matter where you go. Heading out onto paths unknown could lead to very unexpected differences and may land even an experienced digital nomad in an unexpected position – whilst there are many who do love to take this approach, if just starting out or having plans to make it a longer-term option, sticking to the cities will provide this familiar feeling, and better allow for differences to be explored with much less risk.

Much in the same way, it also means amenities won’t be lacking – whether this be office spaces that will welcome digital nomads if a more permanent base is needed, plenty of options for food from bustling restaurants or vendors that have built a good representation, or even places to live that can be found for any price range and provide all of the comfort too – experiencing something a little different can come from venturing out on days off, but to get the best consistent experience, the cities really are the only answer to what is best.

Lastly comes the transport links, and being able to get around is key – renting vehicles or having to seek out the options for obtaining and using a personal vehicle may become frustrating in the longer term, but public transport can always be relied upon if something urgent comes up – venturing off the trail may not be able to provide this, and if stuck in a tough spot where internet access is spotty or the need to visit some specific service comes, sticking to the city really is the only way to ensure this best experience. 

That isn’t to say there aren’t great experiences to be found in smaller towns or villages but should be left to the experience travellers and those who have a back-up plan too – eventually exploring will come, but for those getting started out especially, cities really are the ideal experience.

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