10 Ways for Driving Safe in London

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Newcomers and Londoners alike can be taken by surprise by the capital’s demanding streets, but there are plenty of things that can be done to keep you and your car safe when out and about.

1. The Low Emission Zone

London has a low emission zone so before you drive into it make sure that your vehicle is compliant with the rules. Most modern cars are not included, but if you drive an older car or a truck, then you may need to pay Transport for London a fee.

2. Respect Yellow Boxes

Many of London’s intersections have yellow boxes arranged in crisscross pattern. Do not drive into one unless you can get through without having to stop for traffic or pedestrians, since you will probably be caught on camera and face a fine.

3. Avoid Road Rage

Stay calm behind the wheel. Some other motorists will get irate at the drop of a hat in London, but remaining relaxed can help you to concentrate on the job in hand, even if you are making slow progress in the capital’s notoriously congested streets.

4. Plan Your Route

It is easy to get lost in London. Plan your route beforehand so that you are more likely to stay on the right track and run into problems trying to find your way back.


5. Check Your Tyres

Many of London’s roads have potholes and repairing them is hard for the workmen because they are so busy. To counter this, make sure your tyres are in good condition and not part-worn. As a leading tyre expert in UK, Point S, recommends changing tyre positions on a regular basis to avoid tyre wear.

6. Look Out for Buses

Buses are all over London and most major roads have a bus lane or even two. If a bus has pulled over to let people on and off then assume it will resume its journey sooner than later. London buses hang around much less then ones in other parts of the country.

7. Check The Information Signage

Most arterial roads into the capital have large signs which display information about what you will face in central London. Big events, like the London Marathon or the state opening of parliament, lead to road closures and the signage will tell you where to avoid.

8. Use Your Central Locking

Make use of your central locking to keep you safe inside the car. Driving in London means stopping for queues often, so keeping the doors locked makes sense and will keep you secure.


9. Pay The Congestion Charge

If you enter the congestions zone in central London you will pass over a road marked with a white C in a red circle. If so, you need to pay a fee to Transport for London via their website. It runs between 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

10. Check for Cyclists

In slow traffic bicycles will filter up on you, so check your rear view mirror and over your shoulder before pulling away when the traffic gets moving once more.

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