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A Guide to Studying Abroad in London

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London is an incredibly exciting city! There’s always something to see and do that it can be difficult to fit into a semester abroad, especially when you’re juggling assignments. Aside from the attractions, moving to another country is a difficult transition. You will face huge cultural differences, a new time zone and possibly language barriers.

If you’re contemplating study abroad in the UK’s most vibrant city, or are in the final stages of planning, here’s a guide to make your move a little easier.

Home Comforts

Moving to another country is a huge change and the adjustment period can be hard. To help, think ahead and pack small home comforts. Print favourite photographs, bring the blanket your grandma knitted, or borrow one of your partner’s t-shirts. These small items will help your new location feel more like home, plus they’ll work wonders during your most home sick moments.

Public Transport

CC image credit to Nick Kenrick
CC image credit to Nick Kenrick

London has great public transport links. Buy an Oyster – a reusable travel card – for London’s tubes and buses. You can either top up as required, or purchase a travelcard for a designated period. There are tube stations everywhere (most close after midnight), so you can follow your lecture with drinks and get home easily.

Keeping in Touch with Family

For most students, this is a priority. You want to share your news and experiences with family and friends, as well as let them know you’re safe and healthy. There’s Skype for daily, but there’s also courier services if you forgot to pack something or want to send your family some London gifts.

Best Budget Eats

CC image credit to Heather Cowper
CC image credit to Heather Cowper

London can be expensive, but there are many places you can get a delicious meal on a budget. There are cafes everywhere that offer lunch or an evening meal for less than £10. For chain restaurants, download apps such as Groupon for vouchers in your local area.

Tip: The majority of bars in London offer a happy hour where cocktails and pitchers are buy-one-get-one-free.

Cheap Entertainment

You’re in London, so of course you’ll want to view the houses of parliament, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and go to well known museums such as Natural History and the V&A. But there’s so much more to do after you’ve seen the big sites.

Search for cheap theatre tickets, attend a comedy club for a fun night out that won’t break the bank, or spend an evening at one of the city’s old fashioned cinema’s.

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