3 of the swankiest London offices

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It’s fair to say that London is a relatively glamorous place.  There are fancy bars, restaurants and tourist attractions around every corner, but the luxury doesn’t just start and stop at leisure time. Even many businesses have their offices in incredible, luxury spaces. With that in mind, it got us thinking about what the swankiest London offices might be, so we started doing a little bit of research.

It turns out that there are for more than just two or three luxury office spaces in London, but we’ve done our very best to come up with what we think are the very best. So, without further ado, here are three of the swankiest London offices.

Mind Candy’s Shoreditch play den


It might be an obvious choice, but game design company Mind Candy – based in Shoreditch, East London, has a spectacularly creative office. If you can think up an office toy, they’ve got it. Furnished with artificial grass, picnic benches, whacky wall paper and plants galore, this isn’t just a techy’s paradise, it’s a space where people can relax following a long and hard session in front of the computer scene. On top of that, there’s also Guitar Hero. What’s not to love?

Red Bull’s Soho studio


Found in the middle of central London, Red Bull’s London headquarters is a thing of beauty. It’s not only the home of a large multinational, it’s a creative space filled with elegant design choices.  Meetings are made fun with a ping pong table, and there’s a rather large slide that runs through the office. That should be enough to excite anybody.

Macquarie Ropemaker’s steel tower


Perhaps the swankiest office to end all other swanky offices is Macquarie’s East London-based tower. Although they don’t own the whole thing – their 6 floor, 217,500 square feet space is simply incredible. A triumph of open space, the office is full of light, colours, and the best thing about it is the large red steel staircase that runs all the way up the middle of it. Just incredible.

Of course, these are only three of the coolest offices around London, and there are plenty more to look at. Naturally, not all companies can afford to buy or rent amazing office space right at the very heart of London. Those that wish they could but can’t should turn to a virtual office solution like the ones available at LEO.

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