3 Tips for Packing For Your First Traveling Hunting Trip

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While many people have been hunting since they were children and all that comes along with this task comes second nature to them, there is a large number of people who have only recently picked up the hobby of hunting and are preparing for their first ever hunt.


Although the prospect of going hunting for the first time can be very exciting, it can also be very intimidating. You’ve prepared and researched and planned for every possible contingency, but you still may feel like there’s something you’re overlooking. So to help you overcoming this feeling and completely enjoy this experience you’ve traveled so far to take part in, here are three tips for packing for your first hunting trip away from your home base.

Always Bring a Survival Kit

If you’re going hunting with a group of people, it’s easy to rely on some of your comrade’s supplies in the event that you either run out or forget something. However, a basic survival kit is something you should never leave for someone else to bring for you. It can be easier than you might like to think to either get separated from your party or injured on your own while hunting. If this happens, you’ll be glad you kept your own basic survival kit with you.

Alex Pernice, a contributor to Field and Stream, shares that a basic survival kit to take while hunting should contain a mylar heating blanket, water purifying tablets, fire starter and a compass at the very least. These few things could help to save your life, so make sure you always have them on you while out hunting.

Being Comfortable On the Hunt

Considering how this is your first time traveling for a hunting trip, you probably made a few new purchases to help yourself be prepared for the experience. While new gear is great, it can also be a hindrance on the hunt if you haven’t broken it in properly before leaving. For this reason, Carlos M. Lopez, a contributor to GunsAmerica.com, suggests washing and wearing any new hunting clothes for at least a month or so before taking them on your hunting travels to ensure they’ll be broken in and comfortable for you.

Gear to Last the Whole Trip

While many first time traveling hunters remember to bring all their initial gear—like their guns, ammo, and scopes for getting a good shot—making adjustments in the field is often overlooked. So to ensure you’re always ready regardless of the beating your gear may take, Matt Guedes of JourneyHunts.com advises that you always bring replacements or tools to make repairs if any of your key components need tending to. Without these, your whole trip could be shot before you’ve even filled your tags.

As long as you have the gear you need and the right attitude, your first traveling hunting trip should be a great experience for you. Use the tips mentioned above to ensure you have the best trip possible. Happy hunting!

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