Best places to eat lunch in London

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There are hundreds, possibly even thousands of eateries, across the city of London. Some are incredibly popular and have attracted visitors for decades whilst some are newer but have caught the eye with their imaginative menus and outstanding cuisine. While it would be foolish to state outright that these are the best restaurants in the entire city, these are just a few of the top eateries that are relatively unknown yet always achieve high reviews.

Rock and Sole Plaice

This is one of the most popular fish and chip shops in Britain. It has been standing for 140 years and remains an absolute essential visit if you are in the Soho area. Whilst they are primarily known for their fish and chips, they do offer other foods too and are widely regarded as the greatest ‘chippy’ in London. Many choose to relax here with a bite to eat and read the newspaper after a tough morning of work.


Sky Garden

Sky Garden is exclusively open during lunch hours and attracts a number of important businesspeople throughout the week. It is well located and offers beautiful views of London’s skyline whilst you can also enjoy a drink up on the Sky Pod Bar if you are looking to completely make the most of your lunch break. The food may be pricey but it is certainly excellent quality and the venue continues to grow in popularity due to its unique design and relaxed attitude.



Anima e Cuore

As the name suggests, this is an Italian restaurant that is relatively unknown across the capital. With a range of pastas, pizzas and other native specials, this is an exceptional eatery and one that you can take business clients to. However it is important to remember that you should relax and enjoy your free time outside of the working day.


Net Station Internet Cafe

Arguably the easiest place to grab a quick bite to eat, Net Station Internet Cafe is a quiet haven for business-people who have had a stressful morning at the desk. While you can enjoy some lovely food and drink, you can also relax and have some time to yourself. You can perhaps check your personal e-mail or read up on the latest football news on BBC Sport, or browse some online shopping or play some online games displayed at the likes of Red8’s, where you can play the same casino games as you can in offline establishments and Mousebreaker if you prefer to play games for fun rather than staking money. This is your time to relax so playing games such as roulette, slot games and other fun activities is the best way to ensure you fully wind down during your break.

Arabica Bar & Kitchen

Based in a fashionably modern railway arch, this relatively unknown restaurant attracts an eclectic mix of people on a daily basis. Businesspeople often visit, while families also attend too. The food is impressive and there is a reasonably wide range of choice. The restaurant started off as a Middle Eastern stall yet the eatery, which opened last summer, has become extremely popular and is a huge success due to the fantastic blend of spices that are used in the food.



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