Great things to See on a Road trip Around Scotland

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Scotland is a place that many dream to visit. The country side is the perfect set up for a medieval fantasy movie, the culture is rich, the history is long, bloody and beautiful.

If you have the chance to go to Scotland, there are a lot of key places that you should take into account and enter into your bucket list. Personal preference will always be a factor, though these places listed below are something of a must for travelers, and are mostly likely some of the most breathtaking places you will ever get to see.


Rest and Be Thankful

The alternate name of road A83 is one of the most prime reasons of adding it to the list of your tour. The name just calls out to weary travelers and determined roadsters alike to just chill out and relax and appreciate the opportunity to see whatever chunk of the world that you manage to get to. Inscribed on a stone by the soldiers who originally built the road, it’s a nod of the head to the travelers of Glen Croe who made it out, it’s a perfect stop over after the long road, it could even be a metaphor for a personal goal accomplished and the celebratory sigh of content.

Loch Ness

Anyone who has the privilege to go on a road tour across the beautiful country of Scotland should at the very least, if one wants validate the entire trip, visit Loch Ness and try their hand at “monster hunting”. The site of a legend is probably one of the most important stops to make during any trip, especially one about a giant lake monster. Remember to bring a high resolution camera when you hit the highlands!


If you go on a road trip, you might as well go places where you will most likely not see anywhere else. Edinburgh is one such place- a city that is so very distinct, charming, and as classic as they come. Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital, so it may be very likely that most have been there already, though it has to be worth a mention. While it has caught on to modern times very well, the cobble steps and old, stone buildings will take you back through history.


Traigh Sheileboist

You will not see many places with pure white sand and clear waters close to moss covered hills and a main road so close to shore. The view is absolutely breathtaking, the surrounding backdrop is just as gorgeous.

Now that you know where to go..

During those dull moments in between sites, keep yourself entertained. Read a book, play some cards or even play casino no deposit online if you have a gadget handy (of course you do)- earn yourself some extra cash while on the go. Make sure to bring a lot of food and water as well, as plowing through rural and urban Scotland on a road trip is no easy task, but definitely rewarding.

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