5 Winter Activities to keep you entertained Inside Your Home and Conservatory

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 Winter can be a difficult time of the year. Keeping the family entertained whilst also out of the cold and wet can be challenging so finding a good combination of activities to run can help with keeping the kids entertained. From the living room to the conservatory here are 5 activities to help chase away the winter blues before the holidays arrive.

Sumo Wrestling

Okay, now bear with me on this one. Setting yourself up with a makeshift sumo ring and strapping a few pillows to yourself for good measure is great fun for the whole family! Taking inspiration from the eastern fighting style can be perfect if you need to take out some aggression on rival siblings.

My only advice would be to avoid the conservatory with this activity; flying limbs, glass panes, and hard floors could create the perfect storm. Coincidently the thing you are trying to escape whilst being indoors! For a more conservatory friendly activity perhaps a board game could be the answer. 

Board Game Championship

The festive period is often associated with the classic board games; Monopoly Cluedo, Risk, and other family favourites. A great way you could add to the competitive feel of these classics is to incorporate an overall competition perhaps with a leaderboard or knockout stages depending on the size of your family. This option may be perfect for both the conservatory and living room throughout the year as well come rain or shine!

Hide and Seek 

This classic is a fantastic idea if you are trying to pass the time whilst being stuck inside during a cold winter’s evening. You can get the whole family involved and add different elements to keep the game interesting!

If you are looking for an upgrade on the vanilla game then why not opt for hiding and seek ‘wave’, in which the hiders who are found follow the seeker. They are then free to hide again if they spot another hider and wave at them. Word of advice for the hiders; probably best to opt for the bedroom rather than the conservatory given the pesky transparency of glass!

Video Game Marathon 

Video games are only going to get better in the future and having a marathon could be a great way to incorporate the whole family into this activity that can get a bad rep socially. Whilst enthusiastic gamers probably don’t need the excuse of bad weather for a session getting the family involved with classics like Mario Kart and Sonic appeals to all ages. 

Make the Most out of your Wonderful Home

The winter is a time when you need to make the most out of your home and if you can find interesting ways to pass the time with your family during this period you will be all the better for it. If you are looking for great conservatory options to maximise your inside enjoyment during the winter months head to Salisbury Glass for some quality products.

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