Vaping Rules in England

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Vaping is growing popular by the day as more people are turning to it as an alternative to smoking. Besides being a healthier option, vaping is also popular due to the fact that it smells much better than traditional cigarette smoking. There are also a diverse range of vaping juices, a fact that offers vapers variety. Several laws and regulations have been established in various places around the world to regulate vaping and related products. England for instance is implementing laws and regulations to govern vaping in the region.

It has been proposed that rules and regulations on vaping be relaxed to allow more smokers to turn to vaping. Vaping is approximated to be less harmful than cigar smoking by 95%. This reduces the chances of conditions such as lung cancer and cardiac complications considerably. Relaxing rules on vaping is a great way of encouraging people to adopt it and enjoy the healthier alternative. Vaping is also recommended for smokers that are trying to quit.

Vaping While Driving

Although vaping while driving is not completely prohibited, there are certain rules that vapers are required to abide by. These regulations are set to improve safety on the road as irresponsible vaping can be risky on the road. Aside from the visual and physical disruptions vaping causes, a driver may also experience mental disruptions while driving. It is therefore required that drivers have complete control of their vehicles whenever they are vaping. They should also have all the windows down and blow the vapor out to avert visual disruptions. Anyone caught going against these regulations can be slapped with a £2,500.

Capacity Regulations

One of the areas of vaping that is regulated in England is the capacity of the e-cigarette tanks. The rules limit the tanks to a capacity that doesn’t go beyond 2ml. Anything beyond the limit is prohibited and is subject to prosecution.

E Juice Volumes

Another area of vaping that is regulated under the vaping laws of England is the volume of e juice available for sale. There are strict regulations that limit the volume of vape juice refill containers to just 10ml. This volume restriction applies to all types of e-liquids.

Nicotine Strength

The nicotine strength of e-liquids sold in the region is also regulated by the government. The laws require the nicotine strength of e-liquids to be below 20mg/ml.

Other Rules

There are several other vaping rules and regulations in England. The packaging of all e-cigarette products are required to be tamper proof and child resistant. Certain ingredients are also banned from being used in e-liquids. Some of the substances banned include caffeine, taurine and colorings. Producers are also required by the law to label their products and provide warnings. Before the sale of any e-liquid products, the relevant health regulators must be notified. After the notification, the producers have a six month wait period before they are allowed to begin selling to the public.

There are also rules on public vaping. Vaping in enclosed public places is prohibited. There may also be changes in public vaping where minors are exposed to vapor.

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