6 Awesome Weekend Getaways in India to Visit Just After the Monsoon

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Post-monsoon is the best time of the year in India, a time when everything looks green, pristine and in tune with Nature.

Waterfalls, trekking, wellness getaways, camping, night safaris and forest trails are some of the major attractions for monsoon travellers.

Each of the destinations that we have shortlisted below showcases the best of India; places where you can feel the pulse of the country in its truest form.

  1. Shillong Waterfalls, Meghalaya 

Image by Soumav- India in Pictures via Flickr

There are several waterfalls in Meghalaya and each of them is a sight to behold. After the rains, it would be fun watching the sun play the songs of different vibrant colors on the water. The beautiful melody of the sun and water is certainly worth watching.

Here are some of the main waterfalls of Shillong –

1) Nohkalikai Falls at 1,120 feet is the tallest waterfall of India,

2) Nohsngithiang Falls at 1,106 feet, also known as the seven sisters waterfalls or Mawsmai Falls,

3) Langshaing Falls at 1,106 feet,

4) Kynrem Falls, a three-tiered waterfall at 1,001 feet,

5) Bishop Falls at 443 feet,

6) Beadon Falls at 443 feet,

7) Elephant Falls, Sweet falls at 315 feet,

8) Dainthlem Falls, also located near Cherrapunji.

  1. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 

Image by Thangaraj Kumaravel via Flickr

The hills of Kodai stand beautiful, all decked up, and awaiting its share of visitors after a spell of monsoon. It is one of the most sought after weekend getaway destinations in South India. This is probably why experts say that the best time to visit Kodai would be during the June-September months.

Boating at the Kodaikanal Lake, the most magnificent manmade lake in the city is the major highlight of the trip. You can indulge in hiking, horse riding and trekking while at Kodai. And the cycling enthusiast can rent a bike and cycle around the lake.

Other places of interest in Kodai include the Bear Shola Falls, Guna caves, Berijam Lake and Green Valley View. 

  1. Munnar, Kerala

Munnar is the dream destination of travelers in India, and post monsoon, the beauty of this heaven is magnified to a greater degree. It is not something you can express in words, because any adjective you use would fall short.

The best thing about Munnar is that it awes everyone, including the sports and adventure enthusiast, because you come across very interesting trekking trails within the forests.

There are plenty of places in Munnar to where you can explore the true beauty of the Western Ghats, especially around Anamudi and Rajamalai hills. Anamudi is renowned to be the highest peak in South India.

Mattupetty dam is another point of attraction (boating facilities) in Munnar, and is situated just 10 kilometres from the town. Sitting in a resort facing the lush green carpet of tea estates with the mystic mountains as the backdrop, and watching the sunrise while sipping hot coffee/tea is a magical experience not to be missed.

  1. Agumbe, Karnataka 

Image by Neelima v via Flickr

People who have visited this stunning little town called Agumbe in Karnataka vouch for its beauty, especially after the rains. If you have watched “Malgudi Days”, then you will remember that most of the scenes in the village was shot right here.

Another noted fact about Agumbe is that it receives the second highest rainfall in the country. And that’s what makes this town so mesmerizing, because you will find it covered in mist most of the time.

You can even visit the house in which Malgudi Days was shot. It’s presently a stay house run by an elderly lady and she doesn’t charge anything for your stay. People pay her accordingly to their wish.

Agumbe rainforest is the perfect trekking destination after a monsoon, and the main trekking points are Mission Betta, Barkana Falls and KoodluTeertha.

  1. Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand 

Image by Alosh Bennett via Flickr

If you are a nature lover, you will definitely love trekking to the Valley of Flowers in Uttarkhand. Seems like a lovely name for a place, don’t you think? Almost romantic, and the name conjures an image of a place that is covered in flowers and mist. As the trek is conducted during the monsoon season, you have to be prepared for the rain and geared adequately.

The trek to the Valley of Flowers is usually a 6-8 hour easy trip, with uphill climbs on certain spots. So if you are healthy and have been exercising at a steady pace, the trekking activity would be easy. Anyway, the scenery and other natural splendors along the way can be best enjoyed through a slow trek only.

  1. Athirapally falls, Kerala

Athirapally Falls is so beautiful, picturesque and majestic after the rains, that its beauty cannot be described through mere words. There is another waterfall, Vazhachal, located nearby, also equally stunning. Athirapally waterfalls in Kerala, right at the entrance of the Sholayar forest, require no special mention or introduction – it’s the most famous tourist destination in Kerala. Located in the Athirapally taluk of Thrissur, it is the centre for weekend trips for visitors.

As it is located very close to the dense forests, you can even see endemic flora and fauna along the way. Athirappally is also the hot destination for movies. You will invariably find certain areas around the falls busy with the film crew.


A weekend trip is the best way to recharge your mind and body, and ease the wrinkles of the past weeks. Pack your bags and go somewhere you love, after the monsoon; it would definitely be worth the trip.

Author Bio:

Sunu Philip is the Inbound Marketing and Creative Head for Paradise Holidays, Cochin – a Kerala based tour operator. She loves reading, exploring new places and trying out different cuisines!

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