Best Travel Spots On The U.S. East Coast

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One of the coolest things about the United States is the extreme range of various landscapes you can enjoy as you travel from east to west.  Though both coasts feature gorgeous beaches, the two environments are entirely different.  

In the middle of the country, you’ll see the “amber waves of grain” and some of the biggest skies you can imagine.  Every region has its perks, but the East Coast stands apart from the rest.  

If you’re interested in traveling towards the sunrise on your next adventure, make new and lasting memories exploring the U.S. East Coast.  Check out these fantastic destinations as your plot your travels.  

Navarre, Florida 

You can’t visit the East Coast without visiting, well, the east coast.  Considering eastern beach destinations in the U.S. always leads to thoughts of Florida.  

You and your travel party should set yourselves up with an authentic Florida boating experience, but make sure to use the coverage on your boat for UV protection as you play.  

Navarre, Florida is a beautiful beach destination which offers the promise of not being crowded.  The water is clear, and the sands are white. Visit Navarre while it is still relatively untrampled by a flood of tourism. 

Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh is a great city in North Carolina which is home to plenty of college campus space, a strong job market, and a comfortable quality of life.  The population is diverse and typically well educated, so visiting the area offers a unique social environment to explore.  

The local eateries and available craft beer breweries in the city offer a great venue for a lively nightlife.  There’s also a growing art and music scene in Raleigh, so research the full breadth of your options before you arrive.  

Savannah, Georgia 

Savannah, Georgia is a beautiful coastal city which exudes the true spirit of the U.S. southern charm.  You’ll see roads lined with century-old oak trees, decorated with Spanish Moss (which isn’t really Spanish or moss), adding a beautiful and natural aesthetic to the area.

New York, New York 

You have to visit the Big Apple before you leave this earth, because there’s no city like it in the rest of the country.  The City That Never Sleeps will keep you going strong for days with a nearly infinite list of “things to do.”  

Visit the WTC Memorial, Central Park, Time Square, and catch a show on Broadway.  Once you’re through with all of those things, there are still hundreds of other super exciting hotspots to explore in and around the city.  

Washington, DC 

Visiting the nation’s capital seems like a duty for those who choose to explore the East Coast of the United States.  In one relatively small city, there are enough tourist hotspots to keep you busy for a week.  Don’t leave D.C. without visiting the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian Museums, and the other monumental/historical destinations in the city. 

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