Common Questions about U.S. Entry Waivers from Toronto

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If you are in Toronto and want to travel to the United States, but have a criminal record, then you will have to acquire a US waiver application. However, there are still quite a few questions surrounding these applications and getting the answers can help you determine if you will qualify for this specific entry method.

Is entry into the U.S. impossible due to a criminal record?

This is factual. Unless the person is actually a US citizen, has status as a Native Indian or if they have received an advanced type of permission from the US immigration department by getting a US entry waiver. Otherwise it is illegal for anyone with a criminal record to enter the US from Canada.


Will all types of crimes keep you from entering the US?

Technically speaking, the answer to this question is no. Offenses that are not considered by US law to be against some moral turpitude, including driving while impaired, will likely not pose any issue. Practically speaking, however, the US border officials will virtually always deny a Canadian entry into the US regardless of what the offense actually is. If you are stopped at the border or if you have to go to the US, it is essential that you first acquire a US Entry Waiver.

Will the US know about your criminal record?

When trying to enter the US, the officials will have access to the RCMP, which will provide them with the person’s criminal record information. The FBI and DHS will then download this person’s record and never erase the file.


Are you able to fly into another country by way of the US when you have a criminal record? Is a waiver still required?

When you enter the US, for any reason, or any length of time, you will have to go through US Immigration. During this time there is a very good chance that your criminal record will be discovered and you will not be able to enter. IN these cases, you will have your airplane ticket voided. For those who have a criminal record and do not have any US Entry Waiver, then you should not have any connections inside of the US.

As you can see, the US is extremely stringent on who is allowed in the country. These means that if you have a criminal record and are traveling from Toronto to the US, then you should first acquire a us waiver application and have it approved. You can learn more about this at the Pardon Applications of Canada website.

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