Digital Nomad Careers – Teaching English Abroad

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The phrase has become synonymous with what many would call living the dream, but actually taking the leap to live out at least some your life as a digital nomad has so far proven to be a reality that’s just out of reach for most people. Be that as it may, digital nomads — real digital nomads do exist and basically being a digital nomad just entails being able to work and travel at the same time because your work is location independent.

I’ve discussed a few options by way of realistic career choices to pursue for those who want to hit the road and get a true taste of what being a digital nomad is all about and in this post I’m going to be discussing something a little bit different, but something which makes for just another approach to take for anyone who really harbours ambitions of travelling and being able to find work irrespective of their location.

So the digital nomad career of choice today is teaching and before you screw up your face and proclaim that you’re not a teacher and are not about to go to school to complete a teaching degree, I have some exciting news for you. Well, you’ve already guessed it from the title (if you haven’t then nobody can help you anymore), but what I’m talking about is teaching English abroad. I mean let’s face it — as much as the French might want to say something about it and perhaps even the Chinese since they have the numbers on their side, English is the business language of the world and wherever you go in the world you’re eventually bound to find someone who understands and speaks English. If not, you can bet your bottom penny that you’ll find a multitude of people who want to learn English.

Therein lies the opportunity and I’m not just talking about it from the point of view of a distant observation or mere theory. There is real demand for English teachers and not the English teacher who taught you about figures of speech in high school. Your completion of TEFL Courses is all you’d need to learn how to convey the lessons of learning the English language and those who’ve actually gone through the course and are teaching English in a foreign country as we speak surprise themselves with the language-teaching skills which have been awaken in them — language teaching skills we all have it seems, as it’s only a matter of going through the right type of training to be able to relay those language skills.

So no, you won’t be teaching kids about complex language topics, but rather you’ll be teaching kids and perhaps even adults basic communication skills in the English language.

Digital nomads aren’t on the go 24/7 and spend quite a bit of their time in specific locations, so teaching English falls right in with what it means to be one of those. The money is good as well — well, it’s good enough to have you enjoying just what it means to work and travel, so much so that even gap-year students can take this path.

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