From Boardrooms to Borough Markets: Balancing Work and Exploration in Lively London

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Although business travel has become commonplace in these modern times, such responsibilities can sometimes come at a price. Did you know that 81 per cent of all travellers state that they feel stressed during these trips? While this can be partially attributed to challenging workloads, we also need to remember that taking some time to “stop and smell the roses” is also on of the best ways to decompress.

This is even more relevant if you happen to be planning a trip to larger metropolitan areas such as London’s Central Business District. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can incorporate a bit of much-needed fun into what might otherwise be remembered as nothing more than yet another dull excursion. 

Food and Drink

Enjoying a finely prepared meal at an opulent restaurant is one of the best ways to get your mind off of a long day at work. London is home to a host of venues and many of these have gained an international reputation for their excellence. Here are some establishments that have become particularly popular with business travellers:

  • The Dorchester
  • Bibendum
  • Windows
  • The Greenhouse
  • The Connaught

Let’s also remember that these establishments can be used to cater to important clients when needed!

Serviced London Apartments

Imagine arriving back at your rental apartment after a long day only to realise that the linens have not been washed and the on-site restaurant is already closed; forcing you to order out for a meal. No one wishes to be placed within such an unenviable situation. This is why prudent business travellers always prefer serviced properties. You will be provided with a kaleidoscope of modern amenities and a concierge is available on a 24/7 basis. Privacy, attention to detail and flexible rental arrangements are other features perfectly suited for a hectic professional traveller. Visit this London serviced accommodation website to appreciate why “generic” business trips have become a thing of the past. 

Open-Air Attractions

The chances are high that you will be searching for engaging open-air activities after a long day in an office or a stuffy boardroom. Once again, London aims to please. There are plenty of markets to explore; the South Kensington Farmer’s Market and the Seven Dials market are two well-known examples. Of course, there is nothing wrong with relaxing in one of London’s countless parks. Consider Battersea Park, Crystal Palace Park and the world famous Regent’s Park in advance. It is also a good idea to visit their official websites to obtain additional information such as when each location is open and even to check upcoming weather forecasts. 

Of what use is working your professional fingers to the bone if you do not allow yourself a bit of time to enjoy London? This eclectic city has plenty to offer business travellers and it can help to take the edge off of even the most demanding business trip.

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