Great Retail Therapy at Harrods

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Great Retail Therapy at HarrodsOne of the UK’s most popular retail therapy locations is Harrods which is included on some of the tours around London.  When first moving to London, I decided to make a day trip to Harrods to view the merchandise, have a snack, and stroll around the aromatic store that draws millions of visitors each year.  Even though my budget was limited, I wanted to visit one of the most luxurious stores in all of the UK.  Located in the fashionable Knightsbridge section of London, Harrods offers a range of products that includes everything from cooking pans to a perfumery to pianos.  Let’s take a look at some of the places inside Harrods that you simply must visit for a complete retail therapy visit.  Keep in mind that this is a major tourist attraction so you must plan your trip accordingly and know what you want to see and where it’s located.

Prepare to be Amazed

Harrods is a seven-floor presentation that spans across almost five acres and boasts some of the most luxurious collections that you can find in London.  “All things, for all People, everywhere,” is their motto and the store does exceedingly well in living up to this promise of excellence.  There are twenty-eight restaurants where you can grab a quick bite between bargain shopping and strolling amid the pristine floors of exceptional merchandise.  I was amazed on my visit at the number of exotic, extraordinary, and extravagant items that are available to shoppers or those who just want to browse from floor to floor.  From the Room of Luxury located on the ground floor to, my favourite, the life-sized memorial of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed at door 3, I was continually amazed at the attention given to detail throughout the store.  I enjoy looking at the new products offered by Dior and Dolce and having food nearby so that I didn’t have to leave the store was an added incentive for my shopping trip to Harrods.

Special Events

You may want to check some of the special events held throughout the year at Harrods.  One of my favourites is the Christmas Grotto where children can have a magical experience that they’ll remember for a lifetime.  At the end of both the summer as well as winter seasons, you should try to visit Harrods for their great sales on clearance merchandise.  You’ll find great bargains and meet and make new friends who are in search of the ultimate gift for their loved ones just like you.  I especially enjoy browsing through the home wares on the second floor to preview some of the latest tools for my kitchen.

Each floor at Harrods is like another masterpiece of design and offers you a glimpse of some of the most practical and luxurious items gathered under one roof.  Even if you can’t make a purchase, just walking through the lovely decorated counters and displays will lift your spirits.  From toys to exquisite collections to pots and pans, everything that you would ever need to enhance your life can be found at Harrods.

This article was provided by World Wide Wales Team.


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