How to Party Hard in the Capital

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1. Eat, sleep, drink

Rule of thumb for anyone looking for a night out is to make sure you have both eaten beforehand and slept properly the night before. Aside from obvious health implications, you really should make the most out of a party night by making sure you have the energy for it. Dragging yourself to and from the bar isn’t going to impress anyone.

2. Pick a club, any club

You’ve got a host of themed clubs all around the metro. If you’ve tired of having gone to the regular clubs, why not try something new and different?


Cirque le Soir is not for the faint of heart. It is quite literally a freak show jam packed into a club and restaurant venue, and people in costumes and face paint are the norm. Beautiful people are either topless, painted or drunk out of their minds, and this night club is the perfect slice of crazy in an otherwise mundane world. Eccentricity at its best.

Mahiki, on the other hand, is Hawaiian themed, which while not as over the top as Cirque le Soir, is an awesome semi getaway for a weekday or weekend. Everything is all in good fun here, and the drinks are mixed to perfection, because Hawaii and cocktails seem to be the best match. It’s easy to either chill out or party hard in this nightclub, evidenced by the variation in the soundtracks.

3. Bring that one friend

That won’t let you down no matter what, and this should go both ways. Going clubbing on your own is a bit lonely but very viable, however, having at least one person on your side by default can make the difference between a hot mess and a memorable night. Lay down the plan beforehand and watch out for each other.


4. Decide on transportation

In short, hire an Uber or just find a cab to ride home. Nobody needs yet another drunk driver these days, and honestly, getting yourself hurt will only cut you off from partying again.

It’s not at all hard to party in the capital- all you need is a couple of good friends, some money and a free night. Resist the urge to let the scent of whiskey lead you to where it may, and plan some things beforehand, or at least on the way. Lastly, remember to stay safe to party another day.

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