Guide to Melbourne for Families

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Melbourne has plenty of wonderful and engaging attractions to offer to everyone visiting, but it’s especially entertaining for family trips. After all, there are really a lot of amazing places to choose from when it comes to keeping the little ones happy. So, if you’re planning a family trip to this city relatively soon, it would be useful to get a little insight into the most popular kid-friendly spots.

It’s time for some animal fun

Kids will always enjoy spending time surrounded by animals, and Melbourne won’t leave your disappointed in this regard. Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Open Range Zoo, and Healesville Sanctuary are great places to take your kids to. Not only will they get the chance to see some of the most exotic and cute animals, but the kids can also play and rest as the zoo is designed with family fun in mind. This is not all though. You can also take your kids to the children’s farms such as Collingwood Children’s Farm or the Bundoora farm where they can see interesting farm animals. Moreover, SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium is definitely something to look forward to as well.

Visit the museum

You may think that museums are not all that fun for kids, but Melbourne Museum has a lot to offer to the little ones. There’s a special Children’s Gallery that features plenty of kid-friendly attractions and activities. Kids can freely touch whatever they want and take part in various educational games. Aside from this, there’s also a science museum called Scienceworks that will truly amuse the little explorers. Just remember to equip yourself with Go Travel accessories, especially if you’ll be attempting to explore a couple of fun attractions in one day.

Enjoy the gardens

Melbourne’s Royal Botanical Gardens is definitely one of the most memorable attractions for both tourists and locals. And, luckily, the so-called Children’s Garden is also part of this attraction. As you can imagine, this is an area that’s specially designed for kids and families to enjoy. Lovely plants, waterways, interesting paths and statues, a kitchen garden and more await you all on this magical trip so don’t hesitate to spend some of your sightseeing family fun at this stop.

All set for the ride

Fun parks will always be enjoyable for kids, and luckily, Melbourne can provide them with just that. Starting with the Melbourne Star wheel, your family can enjoy the view of the whole city. Then there’s also the Wonderland Fun Park where your kids can pick between a few different rides. There’s also Luna Park which is essentially a theme amusement park with rides for children of all ages. And for the little train enthusiasts, there are several miniature railways around the city that kids can actually ride as well.

Jump with joy

Trampoline parks are a very popular family outing choice in Melbourne. If your kids have some excess energy, this may be the right place to take them. After all, who doesn’t like to jump up and down on trampolines? Bounce Inc parks as well as Latitude Melbourne seem to be the best choices for families with children of all ages. There truly is something for everyone, even for preschool kids.

Kid-friendly ice bar

IceBar Melbourne is a fun place for both kids and adults. Obviously, everything is made of ice and children will definitely enjoy this particular arrangement. As the adults get their drinks at the ice bar, kids can have their fun while playing and climbing in the ice. Also, warm gear is provided on the spot so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own.

The Dinosaur Park

The Dinosaur Park in Melbourne may be small but that doesn’t make it any less fun for the children. With the tall dinosaur sculpture called Mimi the Muttaburrasaurus and its tail that is actually a slide, children will find their own unique ways to enjoy this installment. After all, the Dinosaur Park is considered to be one of the most popular playgrounds in the city.

If you’re still looking for your family holiday destination, Melbourne should definitely be at the top of the list. Aside from the well-known attractions, there are always some interesting events happening that will definitely sit well with the youngsters. Of course, you should always try to create some type of an itinerary in order to make the whole experience better organized and easier on yourself. But the fact of the matter is that your itinerary will definitely be full as there’s no way that your kids will be bored. And neither will you, for that matter.

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