How to have the perfect British staycation

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The idea of a holiday was changed after the Second World War; with the rise of commercial air travel, holiday companies like Thomas Cook began to advertise about soaking up the sun abroad, and the beginning of the all inclusive package holidays. Because of this people now associated a holiday with going abroad, rather than a break from work.

However, that is now changing. Due to greater worries about the environmental impact of global travel, people having less money to spend after the 2008 recession, changing foreign exchange rates, and more recently due to the pandemic; the UK has seen a huge rise in people taking a staycation.

A staycation means different things to different people, to some it is when you stay at home and do various leisure activities and take day trips, whereas more recently it has taken on the connotation of any holiday where you stay in the UK rather than going abroad.

The perfect staycation plan

At the heart of the staycation is the idea that you are having a vacation whilst staying in place, to some this is interpreted as staying in our current home to others they just think it means staying in your own country. It might be hard to think about how you can get the same rest and relaxation from staying at home in comparison to setting off to some exotic location, but it is most definitely possible if you plan things properly.

Make sure to get into the holiday mindset

A staycation is still a holiday. If you are staying in your own home, it can be hard to detach from your daily life, but it is important to get into the holiday mindset. You can’t be worrying about everyday errands and household chores. Put them aside by finishing all the jobs you need to do before your special staycation.

One way to help you get into the holiday mood is by selecting what you are wearing like you are on a holiday. When on holiday, you plan your outfits and pack them into a suitcase. Act like you have to do the same thing! Plan what you are going to wear for a whole week.

Plan where you will be staying

As we have mentioned previously, a staycation can be spent at home or domestic accommodation. Some prefer the luxurious life in a hotel or want a taste of the coast by checking into a holiday park for a few days, as opposed to sleeping in their own bed.

Plan what sort of staycation experience you want to have

Do you yearn to be outside experiencing nature? Do you want to have a cultural experience? Have you had something you’ve always wanted to cross off your bucket list?

You can do all of these things if you tailor your experience to it.

If you want to get outdoors, visit a local national park and go walking. You can gain a newfound appreciation for your local area by seeing it from the top of a hill after climbing up it.

If you want to get some relaxation in, visit the local spa and get pampered for a day. You can feel refreshed and renewed after a day of massages, time spent in saunas and plunge pools, without the need to soak up some foreign sun.

Bucket lists. Many of us have them. Is there something on there that you could cross off during a week at home when you don’t have work? If there is, go and do it! Especially now the pandemic is easing up, if you had planned a pottery class or a wine tasting lesson before covid struck, maybe now is the time to try and book it once again.

Hopefully this guide will help you think about the benefits of a staycation and how to make sure one goes well.

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