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There’s just something about the summer that makes everybody want to go on an adventure in the form of a road trip. It creates an endless state of heightened excitement and exhilaration. It can be just yourself and the road or a bunch of friends and family, either way the feeling of escaping the hustle of your everyday life and driving into the unknown is what pushes people to road trip. This post was written to help the people considering road tripping this summer, but maybe don’t have enough money to go international or can’t afford to take a long time off work. We are going to explore some of the most beautiful places to drive to in the UK.

The first thing to consider when thinking about going on a road trip is your car, if your car is not in proper working condition, then there would be no road trip in the first place. So, you need to make sure that your vehicle is up to standard, you might be better off making yourself a checklist to make sure that you remember every stage. If you run into problems while you are on the road you should make sure that you can call a mobile tyre fitting crew to get you one your way.

Isle of Wight

The first and best road trip destination is the Isle of Wight, driving around the southern tip of the Ilse of Wight from east to west gives you the opportunity to see a panoramic view of the south-west coast of the island curving away ahead as you drive below. In Ilse of Wight there is a road called the Military road on the stretch of A3055, this road was built in the 19th century when there was a perceived threat of invasion from Napoleon. This stretch of road is now believed to have one of the most spectacular driving views in the south of England, on the right you get a view of the lands and fields and on the right, you get a view of cliffs and blue seas.

Peak District

Peak district or Snake Pass as it is known is in Derbyshire section of the Peak District and is across from the Pennines and Ladybower Reservoir. It carries the A57 road that connects with Sheffield with Manchester. While driving this road you should expect snug corners and twisting tarmac that’ll keep you on your feet, however, you will be rewarded with magnificent views of the National Trust’s High Peak Estate.

Somerset England

Somerset is a beautiful county and would be the perfect destination for a road trip. Cheddar Gorge is in the heart of the West County and is located only 10 miles from Weston-Super-Mare. The scenery on this route leaves motorists feeling amazed, it looks like the earth is opening to reveal deep sliced limestone cliffs. While driving this road, expect lots of turns and twists and as you make your way into town you’d probably come across the odd farm vehicle.

The EVO Triangle

Although in North Wales the Denbigh Moors also goes by the EVO triangle because of the triangle that is formed around it by the A5 A543 and the B4501 and because it is one of the car testing ground for EVO magazine. Once you get here you will truly appreciate the amazing scenery and if that’s not enough driving on the roads will make you feel like you are staring in a movie.

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