Starting a Travel Bucket List

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With international travel getting cheaper and with so many living in a time of prosperity, there is more opportunity to see the world. Whether you’ve been out of the country or not, starting a travel bucket list is a great way to set your travel goals in order and start to make a plan for attaining them. There are many ways to identify the places you want to go, and how you want to get there. Here are a few ways to inspire yourself to the perfect travel bucket list.

How Do You Like to Travel? 

Do you enjoy traveling by air? Road? Rail? Paul Theroux famously travelled the length of Asia in nothing but public trains for his book The Great Railway Bazaar. Perhaps you can use travel itself to inspire you about amazing places in the world to visit. If you make affordable or interesting travel means a priority, these will take you to interesting places that you would not see if you simply chose random interesting destinations from a world map. You could also take a cruise with multiple port destinations. Cruise and Maritime voyages destinations are good places to start.

What Travel Skills Do You Have? 

Travel is enhanced when you are able to take care of yourself well in the environment in which you are staying. Speaking a local language is perhaps the handiest skill of all. If you know a language other than the one you grew up speaking, this opens up a whole list of options for your enjoyment and exploration. If you do not speak another language, take a class or travel with someone who does. If you have experience traveling the world already, use this to find deals on flights and voyages, save yourself stress at the airport, and otherwise make your diverse and adventurous exploits all the more pleasant.

Explore Your Heritage. 

If you don’t have a special interest in any particular part of the globe (though you probably do), why not use travel as a way to explore your heritage? Find out where your people come from. A simple genetic test will tell you where your ancestors lived, and a trip through could reveal their names, as well as pictures and biographical information. You may find, once you’ve visited the places where your people once lived, that you find a deep-seated love for the land, the people, the food, and the history of the place. If this travel awakens something in you, make this region a more important and regular part of your life.

Making a priority of travel is a characteristic of the cultured person. Even if you think that travel is scary or inconvenient, it is a worthy end in itself, broadening the mind and increasing one’s knowledge of the world and oneself. By prioritizing specific destinations, rather than travel in general, you’ll find that you get the most out of the world. We all have limited time and limited means with which to have new experiences. Make the most of what you have to work with and you’ll open up a new world for yourself.

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