Thinking of Migrating Away from UK? Try Australia!

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This guest post is brought to us by Geraldine Mills, a hipster wanderlust from the land down under, Australia!

To Becky, thanks for having me in your blog!

I’m excited to share my experience as a former British girl turned Aussie lass. Living in England for 22 years made it hard for me to let go, but I find myself enjoying in Australian soil! It’s undeniable that Australia has been heavily influenced by the British colonization in the 1700s and 1800s.

However, Australia has progressed on its own, and the multitude of culture melting into one defines what Australia is now. There are striking similarities and differences in both countries, but I always feel like I’m home here in Australia.

For Brits who are planning to turn a new leaf in another country, I suggest you move to Australia! I came here as a tourist when I was 20 years old; I met new friends and I felt that the culture was more amiable here with its multicultural influences from different parts of the world. Yes, you might have seen the crazy insects or unwanted visitors here, but those are just the little things. These are my observations during my three-year stay here in Australia:

Driving in UK vs in Australia

In the UK, it’s frustrating to drive just about anywhere. I sometimes get confused so I just gave up on driving entirely and let my Dad drive me to places. I remember the seemingly impossible narrow roads, average speed check areas, and more. Surprisingly, the first time I was here I saw that the cab was automatic! No more stick shifts!

I’m somewhat relieved, but I do miss driving with a clutch. I think it’s not an innate quality of Aussies but I noticed they love to drive on the overtaking lanes on the motorways. It’s a mystery for me; and I often see more cars with dents or scrapes, whether brand new or not. It says something about the general road etiquette, but I don’t just want to conclude anything yet.

Food Choices in UK vs in Australia

You can see the typical food choices in UK supermarkets. However, here in Australia, it’s always a fiesta to see different food choices lined up in the shelves. In UK, snacks are typical but in the land of Oz, you’re presented with a variety of choices that makes you want to try them all. Perhaps I can attribute the cultural diversity of Oz than the UK, so food choices are too many.

Being One with History in UK vs in Australia

It’s no doubt that there are a lot of similarities between the UK and Oz, but we have striking differences, as well. Australians live close to the waters and beach life, is life here. I remember staying once in Holiday Inn Hotel Parramatta while touring heritage site locations. Several sites were near our hotel and Parramatta made me reminisce those suburbs I’ve been to when I was a child. The Victorian architectures remind me so much of Europe, that I sometimes forget that I’m in another country, far from home. I think it’s just amazing to appreciate how colonization has changed the Australian’s way of life, and how the British influence has been adapted as their own culture

Appreciating Wildlife in UK vs in Australia

I remember that as a kid, my mum often takes me to the zoo. We would sometimes go to the countryside to my Pops (my lovable grandfather) and I’ll see foxes, ducks, and rabbits. Just the usual wild animals that aren’t exactly threatening.

In Australia, it’s a tad lot different! We have creatures here that can kill you. Spiders, snakes, jellyfish; the number of dangerous creatures here are unbelievable. Luckily, I’ve only heard stories like moths bigger than your hand and huge pythons that visit homes; it’s creepy, but if you love adventure and a little bit of danger, Australia is your best bet.

There are a lot of times that I miss UK’s tea parties, but after settling here in Australia, I can finally say that I am at home. I’m an adventurous, outgoing person so I enjoy Australia’s amazing food variety, rich colonial heritage, and interesting wildlife. So, if you’re thinking of leaving UK, Australia is the best option.

Image credits: Sydney Opera House. WestPac Parramatta. Kangaroo.

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