Moving Out of London to the Countryside – The Pros and Cons

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Moving away from Crawley is something I used to long for as a child. I would spend hours watching planes fly in and out of Gatwick Airport, longing to be on board a flight to the countryside. While others dreamed of holidays in the sun, I planned my escape to an idyllic beauty that authors such as Beatrice Potter and Enid Blyton had so vividly painted in my imagination. Now that I am older there is really nothing stopping me from uprooting my belongings and moving to the countryside and I swear one day I’ll get there, but for now there are still a few things keeping me rooted in London. Here are my pros and cons for moving out of London to the countryside.

The grass is always greener on the other side

Today, a London view consists of nothing more than dull grey tower blocks, competing sky scrapers and a polluted haze. Green, rural countryside is a thing of pure beauty. A move to the countryside may come as quite a culture shock to someone who is only used to a busy, overcrowded London, but waking up every day to such a peaceful and natural beauty would surely soften the blow.

For some, raising a family in the scenic countryside is the family dream. As a child, I carelessly played in the street outside my home and probably terrorized my neighbours with my screeching and laughing. The local parks were okay, but with frequent vandalizing and increasing safety fears throughout the UK, I never really spent too much time there. The countryside is your very own back garden. Children are free to tumble in the mud and roam the hills, free from gratified playgrounds and littered paths. Hours of free adventures are outside your doorstep and are yours for the taking.

London expenses are at an all-time high. From paying rent to owning your home, there’s no escaping the fact that your property will most likely account for most of your earnings. I’ve spent many an evening ogling at house prices out in the countryside to find that I could own a home three times the size of my current flat for half the price.

The social haven

London is the city that never sleeps. It’s the social capital of the United Kingdom. The night bus, late night shopping and 24 hour convenience stores are always at your beck and call. London has a seven-day week night life and a constant hub of events for every day of the month. Cinemas, amusement complexes, bars and restaurants are never out of reach. There’s always something to do in London and friends are never more than a tube or bus ride away.

London has an atmosphere that can only really be described as the London buzz. It’s a city so rich in diversity and history and full of ingenuity and ambition.  There’s a reason millions of tourists from all over the world flock to the city each year. London is exciting. Good English country pubs are a staple of our countryside, but are they really as exciting as Trafalgar square pillow fights or fresh pop-up markets and restaurants?

A change in lifestyle

The hustle and bustle of an exciting metropolis is worlds apart from the serene and rural alternative the countryside has to offer.  A move from London is an undeniable lifestyle change that brings with it the possibility of longer commutes and less frequent transport. Countryside living swaps overpriced bars and restaurants for good old pub lunches, dog walking routines around Hyde Park for adventurous country walks and polluted city streets for endless fresh greenery. London provides socialites and opportunists with a vast hub of events, opportunities and higher wages. The city of London is constantly on the go, a never-ending celebration of diversity and ambition. Deciding on a move from London to the countryside is to decide on the lifestyle you crave the most, each comes with their own pros and cons. No matter which option you choose, it is important to remember that the change from London to the countryside is never irreversible.

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