Top 5 Sub-2-Hour Destinations from London

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If that holiday feeling is just a bit too strong for you to resist, but at the same time you’re pressed for time and don’t quite have the luxury of going away to a far, far away place, then you can still enjoy the best of both worlds by applying a favourite trick amongst the most frequent of travellers.  A simple search of destinations which you can get to from London in under two hours kicks up many options, but some of the best of these places to get to, sub-two-hour-flight, are featured here in today’s topic.


Continental football lovers routinely jet off to Bilbao to catch one of the cheaper venues for some football match gate-takings, but what you’d also perhaps be pleasantly surprised to find is that Bilbao is somewhat of a hidden gem in beach holiday escapes for those who look beyond the usual Costa del Sol.


Prague is fast positioning itself as the cream of the crop amongst emerging European destinations by all measures, but because of the fact that it’s really cheap and is accessible in under two hours from London, many more Brits are making the quick dash over to enjoy the more than 1,000 years of history and some more of the city’s history in the making. Some of the best entertainment in Prague however is the preserve of those who actively go out and seek to discover it for themselves.

Balearic Islands

Menorca, Majorca and Ibiza make up the Balearic islands, a place you might even want to permanently move to if you’re not too keen on the UK weather. The very mild winters and gloriously gorgeous summers make them a top pick amongst lovers of the sun and the great outdoors, whether you really just want to enjoy the weather or you’re into the nightlife as it’s best done al fresco in that part of the world.


Well it might be a cliché, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go and enjoy the City of Love for yourself. Paris is indeed one of the nearest truly international tourist cities you can get to in under two hours to get a bit of a cultural experience that will live long in your memory. In fact, you’ll probably want to make an escape to the City of Love a regular thing. Paris is fast becoming a serious melting pot of all sorts of cultures from all over the world, and dare I say it might even be more cosmopolitan than London, especially from a French and Francophone point of view.


Quite interestingly Brussels seems to be enjoying a surge in popularity amongst Brits since it was cast into the spotlight via its association with being the home of the European Union, following the Brexit referendum. For some reason Brits seem to think that they have their last opportunity to visit what is an endearingly quirky city, with a fusion of French and Dutch influences. Enjoy the breweries, chocolate shops and lots more.

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