What are Your Holiday Options within Devon?

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Everyone needs a holiday every once in a while. It’s a great way to de-stress and get back to loving life again. However, it seems everyone sees a holiday as solely an opportunity to run off hundreds of miles away, or to plan out some excessively complex trip.

That’s not exactly the case. In fact, you can have a memorable, luxurious holiday right here in Devon.

From at-home staycations to luxurious holiday parks in Devon, several options will turn your time off work into a well-deserved period of relaxation and making memories.

 At-Home Staycation

This is your cheapest option, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Rather than planning a complex trip or spending a ton of cash, use your holiday to do some of the things you’re usually unable to enjoy in your free time.

Maybe you miss the good ol’ days of firing up a video game and spending every waking hour on it for a week on end with a cooler of drinks and snacks at the ready? Perhaps you’re a talented creative who doesn’t get to use your skills because you’re always tired from work?

Save a little money up to splurge on luxury items you typically wouldn’t buy often, set up your time off work, and get back to doing the things you love, again. Even if you go all out on your favorite foods, a couple of bottles of your favorite adult drinks, and maybe a few choice additions to your hobby items, it’s way cheaper than a vacation and will give you some much-needed “you” time.

Holiday Parks in Devon

Looking for something a bit more exciting and luxurious for your holiday? Maybe you have a family that wants to do more than sit around the house? Try one of the holiday parks in Devon.

For one flat rate, you will gain access to high-end living quarters and a fully inclusive holiday experience.

Devon’s holiday parks provide you with everything from built-in water parks complete with slides, surfing simulations, and more. Attractions such as sporting facilities are great for familial bonding, children can enjoy high-quality playgrounds while you enjoy a few drinks by the pool, and if you’re a nature lover, you’ll absolutely adore the way Devon’s holiday parks make use of their natural land. From nature walks to horseback riding and beach-side attractions, there’s a solid mix of things to do, and they’re all included in the price of your stay.

This is obviously more expensive than planning a week-long at-home staycation, but it’s worth every Pound, and you’ll never forget your stay.

Serviced Accommodation and Local Attractions

If you want a more customizable experience without planning a massive trip, try booking a stay at a serviced apartment. They’re designed to feel just like a more luxurious version of home, and they’re typically centrally located to make checking out the local attractions as easy as going for a short walk.

You can rent a serviced apartment for as little as one night to as long as a year or more. So, you can easily book your entire holiday and not have to worry about fluctuating rates or stay limits.

Enjoy Devon this Holiday Season

When you go to plan your holiday, don’t assume you have to go out of your way to have a good time. There are several ways to stay right here in Devon and enjoy yourself.

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