Why do people go on caravan holidays?

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Many people are probably guilty of sticking their nose up at the thought of a UK caravan holiday and if you still think that a caravan holiday to Devon means forfeiting luxuries of other holidays then you are mistaken!

As the years have gone by and caravan holidays have increased in popularity, the standard of these holidays have improved by ten-fold and you can now enjoy exceptional staycations whilst on a caravan holiday. So why do people go on caravan holidays?


Caravan holidays are usually much cheaper than holidays abroad which is a key reason that people opt for them. As caravan holidays normally don’t require much travelling e.g. airplanes, this means the cost is significantly lower as it is likely you are able to drive to the destination. Some people choose to purchase their own caravan and despite this being a bigger upfront cost, over a longer period of time you will save the money that you would have ended up spending.

Home away from home

Modern caravans can be very spacious and provide a luxury break away without the price tag of a holiday abroad and expensive hotel. In a caravan you are also free to come and go as you please and are not restricted to resort time curfews for breakfast etc as you are able to cook your own food in your caravan’s fully equipped kitchen, but have the flexibility to visit restaurants as you wish.  If you own your own caravan then you can even decorate exactly how you would like so it is exactly to your own tastes making it a real home from home.


Another key reason people go on caravan holidays is to appreciate the beauty of their near surroundings. People sometimes do not want to visit famous landmarks from other countries but instead decide to appreciate the ones on their doorstep. Visiting landmarks more local on a caravan holiday means that you are likely to have more time to explore the surrounding area, for holidays abroad it is likely you have a strict itinerary meaning you have limited time for each activity before moving on to the next. Caravan parks are also usually positioned in popular areas that are close for off site activities and making them perfect for exploring, for example in Devon there are plenty of parks all over the county.


People tend to favour caravan holidays over other forms of vacations because of the ease to organise. For example planning a caravan holiday in Devon is going to require much less planning than a 2 week trip to New York. Aside from documents for the airport and currency exchanges you also have to pack for a much longer time meaning you are likely to need at least a couple weeks before booking your holiday and actually going. With caravan holidays you can book one evening and take off the next day if you so wish.

Caravan holidays are an increasingly popular choice amongst holiday-goers, there are a number of reasons that people are now choosing them over going abroad from cost to convenience. When planning your next holiday why not look at a caravan holiday in the UK/ 

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