5 Reasons to Make Cabo Your Wedding Destination

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In recent years, destination weddings have gained popularity. It could be related to the fact that many young people are getting married a bit later and therefore have greater finances to spend on their big day. Additionally, it could be due to the constant growth of the wedding industry and emphasis placed on your celebration of nuptials.


Whatever the reason, traveling to an exotic location to tie the knot has begun to be increasingly popular with young couples, and is no longer just a way to elope and escape the family. Many couples are inviting their entire families down with them so their honeymoon turns into more of a family reunion. Included here are a few reasons to choose Cabo as your wedding destination.

Mexican Paradise

Mexico is currently ranked as the number one location for destination weddings. With sandy beaches, glamorous resorts, and stunning sunsets, it is no surprise many couples love to show their love here. Friends and family will enjoy the affordable all-inclusive resort options, and there is no shortage of recreation options while you are in Mexico.

Great Weather

While many people dream of a glamorous outdoor wedding, often the weather just refuses to cooperate. Rain and wind can turn a beautiful ceremony into a soggy mess, putting a significant damper on your day. Fortunately, Cabo has incredibly predictable weather conditions, with warm sunshine expected nine months out of the year. Rough weather typically hits Cabo in August and September, when tropical storms could roll in, so avoid those two months particularly and it should be smooth sailing!


The average American wedding costs around $25,000, but you can cut that budget down to size when you head for a glamorous destination. Getting married on a sandy beach means you have all of the best nature has to offer at your fingertips and decor is unnecessary. Costs can be cut down to your flight and hotel cost and, with the all-inclusive resorts of Mexico, that price could be pretty cheap!

Cut Back On Casual Guests

Knowing who to invite to your wedding can be a complex problem. You don’t want to offend people by leaving them out, but there are many people you may not feel connected with enough to invite. Having your wedding at a distant tropical location can help you eliminate many of your “casual” guests. People who know you but aren’t super involved are not going to want to spring for a plane ticket all the way to Cabo just to crash your wedding.

Convenient Travel

Flights to Cabo are easily connected with America, Latin America, Europe and Canada; increasing its popularity as a wedding destination. These convenient, direct flights make traveling a breeze, and you could be relaxing on beautiful beaches in no-time!

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